Court Videography & Video Conferencing Services

Legal Videographer in Philadelphia, New Jersey & Delaware

    • Video Technology

    High quality video technology captures body language, intonation, facial expressions, and gestures of witnesses, conveying complex material in an easy-to-understand, powerful way.

    • Video Services

    Zanaras Reporting & Video offers professional videography that meets a range of unique needs. Let us design a custom video solution for your most challenging cases.

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    • Two-Camera Video: Providing a range of angles to capture full body language and maintain the jury’s full attention.
    • Day-in-the-Life Videography: Convey the personal struggle of a client whose way of life has been dramatically altered.
    • Picture-in-Picture: Make your case crystal clear with video that integrates witness or expert testimony with video evidence and digital documents. Streaming capabilities for mobile devices gives your team the advantage.
    • Live Video Feeds: Use your mobile device or desktop for interactive access to real time video of testimony given anywhere in the world.
    • Videographers

    Zanaras Reporting & Video videographers are trained to capture critical testimony and present it effectively during trial.

    See How

    • Using state-of-the-art technology, videographers will troubleshoot onsite without delay and carry you through post-production editing and trial presentation.